The International Police Association (IPA)
is dedicated to promoting friendship and cultural exchange among law enforcement officers and law enforcement professionals worldwide.  With membership comes the opportunity to meet police officers, instructors, and specialists, support staff, and other law enforcement professionals from other member countries and the United States regardless of rank, sex, race, or religion.

The IPA can also connect you with others who shares your culture.  Assists you with your travel to their country or city.  Hobby interests, such as collecting police insignia, stamps, license plates, Ham radio, RV travel, and internet-pen pal contacts with members. 

The IPA offers two annual training scholarships for working police officers, a college scholarships for their children, a yearly international youth gathering (IYC) for teenage children of members, and an active officer exchange programs with some of our member countries.  The IPA US Section also offers a photo and short story contests for our members with a cash prize for the winner.  

The IPA consists of the 65 countries.  Each country is called a “Section”.  Each section is divided into Regions.  The San Francisco Bay Area is Region 9 in the U.S. Section.  Each region can either hold a monthly, semi annual, or annual meeting.  Each region operates individually according to what their local board and membership desires from their region.  However, all regions must follow the by-laws of the U.S. Section National Executive Council (NEC).

As of 2013 the NEC voted to create an Associate memberships for those who are not sworn law enforcement officers but are affiliated in some way with law enforcement, i.e.: Auxiliary, CSO, Dispatcher, Police Cadet, Police Service Aide, Reserves, and Spouses of regular members.  As an Associate member you do not have voting rights, will not eligible for the scholarships, and the active officer exchange program. Associates can participate in everything else and can attend all local regional functions.